• AudacityAudio Editor and Recorder- Do not download the Beta Version.
  • Audio Files
  • Jewel Beat- Royalty Free Music- If used on website does ask for link back to Jewel Beat (Attribution).
  • Royalty Free Music- Free stock music for teachers and students for podcasting and other projects
  • Audacity WIki Wiki Resource for tips and helpful hints for working with Audacity can download here or through the shared drive at school.
  • Sounglefree sound effects that can be downloaded

Collaboration Tools

spreadsheet allows you to share and collaborate online. Requires a free google account.
  • EtherPad -Web Based word processor that allows users to collaborate in Really Real time, Just bought by google and will be apart of Google Wave in the near future.
  • - Photo Book Generator can be used collaboratively.
  • Type With Me- No sign in required. Invitations send to email address
  • Voice Thread- A new way to discuss you images, documents and videos. Voice Thread Wiki Click for examples and more information about this versitile tool.
  • Information on how to embed you voice thread...
  • Wallwisher- Post it note type site that allows for quick collaboration and communication.


Creativity Tools

  • Interactive Online Poster creator
  • jing Screen capturing tool
  • Screenjelly- Short 3 minute screen capturing tool. More Information
  • Show Beyond- NEW allows you to add audio to a series of images. Here is a kindergarten example of a student telling about his trip to the fair.
  • Simple Booklets and Brouchures Create and publish your own virtual booklet
  • Sketchcast- NEW- Is also a drawing tool. Students can make a video of up to 20 minutes of their drawing process, and the result can be embedded. Students can show their learning about any topic. (Herethe learning is about plants.) Examples: Showing number understanding and demonstrating learning about plants
  • Slide Share- Upload and share your Powerpooint presentations, word and PDF documents, Public
or Private security.
  • Text to Movies- Generate short movies with Avitars based on written text.

File Converter

  • Freemaker ConverterConvert video free to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, SWF, 3GP, DVD, MP3, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Android, rip & burn DVD, convert FLV & online videos from 50+ sites, burn Blu-ray, and upload to YouTube with this free video converter! You can aslo convert auidio files as well.
  • ZamzarWeb-based Zamzar improves access to information and assists collaboration by converting data, image, video, and music files up to 100 MB in size from one format to another. Type in a URL or upload a file, and Zamzar e-mails back with the URL of the converted file for download.


spreadsheet allows you to share and collaborate online. Requires a free google account

All things Google

Graphic Organizers


  • Diigo- web highlighter, sticky note, online bookmarking
  • Drop.ioSimple real-time sharing, collaboration, and presentation. Use to privately share your files and collaborate in real time by web, email, phone, mobile, and more. Create each drop in two clicks and share what you want, how you want, with whom you want
  • Snip URL- Use this site to help manage those long URL's
  • Tiny URL- Same as Snip URL


  • 280 Slides- Similar to Slide Share but with a seamless interface that lets you forget you are running a
presentation through a browser. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Flip Share- Flip camera how to extract video from camera to shared drive.

adapted for the Interwrite School Pad
  • Lanier Technology Resources- a document that gives a short synopsis of all technology resources at Lanier
  • Life.comChronicles life in the 20th century through pictures. Critical Thinking
  • Math and Science SimsUniversity of Colorado at Boulder Simulator for all types of Science and Math
  • PBS- Classroon Resources
  • Teach42- Blog of interesting Technology and Education issues.
  • Webquests- What makes a good webquest?
  • Webquests-Tom March
  • WolframAlpha- Computaional Knowledge Engine. Input anything into this engine and see what information is generated.

Polling Tools

Plagiarism Tools (from

  • The Plagiarism Checker is an easy-to-use tool for detecting plagiarism. Simply enter a chunk of text into the search box and the Plagiarism Checker will tell you if and from where something was plagiarized
  • Doc Cop- offers a free service for checking small documents and a free service for checking documents against each other. Doc Cop also offers a fee based service that will check large documents and do a more comprehensive check than that offered for free.
  • Perdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)- questions not only about Plagiarism, but for questions about all parts of the writing process.
  • Paper Rater- is a free service designed to help high school and college students improve their writing. Paper Rater does basic spelling and grammar checks, but the real value of Paper Rater is that it tells students if their papers have elements of plagiarism. Paper Rater scans students' papers then gives students an estimate of the likelihood that someone might think that their papers were plagiarized.
  • Plagiarism works just like many similar services. To use it, simply type or paste text into the search box and Plagiarism Checker will tell you if and from where something was copied. (Note: the name is similar to #2 above, but they are produced by different organizations.
  • produced by the same people that produce the commercial plagiarism detection software Turn It In, has a free learning center for students and teachers.'s learning center includes tips about avoiding plagiarism, definitions of plagiarism, and explanations of when you do or do not have to cite a reference. also hosts two recorded webinars addressing the topic of plagiarism in schools and how teachers can educate their students about plagiarism.

Online Test Creators

Review Templates


  • Box of Tricks -Ten tIps for using technology in the classroom
  • Common Craft Need help understanding a certain technology topic? Check out Common Craft's simple short videos
  • Think Tutorials- is a site providing free, easy to follow tutorials on a variety of web services, software, and mobile applications

Word Cloud Creators

  • WordleApplication for creating a word cloud from any document with text
  • Tagxedo- Much like Wordle but beefed with the ability to form word clouds around a picture. Very Cool!

101 Ways to use Tagxedo

You Tube
As you know, there are many helpful teaching lessons on You Tube. A lot of times, however, we are scared to show them due to the ads that are on the sides of the videos. There is a sight called SafeShare that allows you to play YouTube videos without having to see all the other stuff on the sides of the videos. Just copy the You Tube video URL and paste where designated in the SafeShare site. Please note that as teachers you can access You Tube at school when you log in with your e number but students do not have rights/access to You Tube for security purposes. This is part of the technology tier that is in place.
School Tube- Video sharing for school use. Teacher approved by following strict academic guidelines.

You Tube Snips Provides only 3 different file formats, but is quicker than the others.

People Thinking Outside the Box

Karl Fisch- Example of Green Teacher Website

Kristen Hokanson

If youtube is blocked. Try this one.

Jordan District- T4- Transforming Teaching Through Technology

If youtube is blocked use this version

Larry Baker-
Teacher honored for being a technology leader


Lisa Parisi- Podcasting

Dave Ehrhart - Diigo sticky note

Bob Ballard- How he got creative in his approach by literally thinking outside the box to find the Titanic when three other expeditions failed.

Watch CBS News Videos Online