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Interactive Websites
Gapminder- Presents world data in interactive graphical form- Great for interdisciplinaryprojects/assignments/discussions
Digital Storytelling Explore digital moviemaking, its place in the curriculum, and its impact on student learning.
50 tools for Digital Storytelling Wiki that lists and then illustrates 50 different tools to tell a digital story.
Interactive Lessons- specifically for the Interwrite Tablet/software
Museum Box- This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period. You can display anything from a text file to a movie. You can also view and comment on the museum boxes submitted by others.
Teacher Domain Digital Media for the classroom.
Timer- Online Egg Timer full screen use for testing.
Writing Fix Interactive Writing Prompts and Help writing across the curriculum.

CRCT Prep Sites

CRCT Review Games
CRCT Skills
OAS- Online Assessment System- Generic Logins are as follows: Grade 6 Grade 6. Grade 7 Grade 7, Grade 8 Grade 8

Language Arts

Language Arts Wiki- Reading, Writing, and other Resources
8th grade Language Arts Example- Projects, Book Studies building of a literary critique
8th Grade Blog with Wiki - an example
Learn Zillion- Common core resources
No Red InkPractice and master grammar and writing skills. Build classes and quizzes.
Read Write Think
Save the Words fun way to see some really old words in a new way.
New York Times Educational Site All Curricular Areas
The Noun Project visual literacy tool. Free downloadable pictures to use for whatever you can think of. Tagxedo, telling a story or giving a presentation with only pictures.


Storytelling using Multi-media from
OWL Online Writing Lab
  • Writing and Teaching Writing
  • Research
  • Grammar and Mechanics
  • Style Guides
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)



Activites for Evaluating Resources
Communication Skills- Written and Oral Link to a good Plagiarism pdf
Common Sense- Website that discusses Digital Footprints, Digital Life and being a Positive Digital Citizen.
Copyright and Fair UseReviewed resources to help Parents, Students and Teacher better understand the concepts of copyright and fair use practices.
Creative Commons This site is dedicated to the proper legal use of intellectual property while helping to foster creativity, innovation and sharing.
Digi Teen Digital Citizenship for Teens
Digital Citizenship Lesson that gives scenarios for students to consider
Digital Citizenship II 9 themes for the digital world
Digital Citizenship Article
What is a Good Resource? Does it pass the CARS test?- Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, Support
Evaluating Websites
Evaluating Websites Activity
Evaluating Resources
Evaluating Information Found on the Internet Authorship,Publishing Body, Point of View or Bias, Referral to Other Sources, Verifiability, Currency
Plagiarism what is it? What about paraphrasing?
Website Evaluation Lesson for grades 6-8

You and Your Digital Footprint


The Noun Project The Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world's visual language, so we may share them in a fun and meaningful way. Cross posted with LA Curricular Links


Teach Engineering Lesson corralated to state standards for most curricular areas. Problem Based Learning (PBL) modules allows for collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.


Algebra 1- Concepts include: Like Terms, Substitution, Solving Equations, Formulas, Problem Solving as well as a Application section
3D VenciDownloadable pdf lessons. site help bring 3D concepts to life
Early Algebra Teacher Resources Wide variety of topics and lesson plans
Direct and Inverse Variation
Free RiceMath Facts. Site also donates rice based on number of correct answers.
Illuminations Resources for Teaching Math-The site has more than 100 interactive math activities for teaching and practicing math in the kindergarten through twelfth grade classroom.
I Play Math Games Printable games for K-12, searchable with a wide variety of topics such as probablility, exponents, problem solving and logic to name a few.
Learn Zillion- Common core resources
Kuta - Free algebra worksheets
What is Pi?
Purple Math Contains interactive quizzlets for prafctice on a variety of mathematical topics.
Mathalicious"At Mathalicious, our mission is to help transform the way math is taught by providing you with the best, most meaningful and most relevant math content available" - taken from website.
Math ArcadeK-8 site with 25 interactive games per grade level. Students can play games that build skills at the specific level they are at.
Number NutAn Interactive textbook. Resources include: shapes, color, numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operations, date, time, fractions, decimals, percent values, estimation, rounding, ratios, and money math. Applets that illustrate a variety of mathematical topics such as slope, systems of inequalities to name a few.
38 weeks of AlgebraDan Meyer published his entire 38 week Algebra curriculum complete with slides, handouts, and just about everything you need in order to deliver the lessons
Interactivate - Interactive Math Assessments
Yummy Math- Critical Thinking Scenarios for all domains of math
Mathmatical Concepts Illustrated with Geometer's Sketchpad- Requires version 4.0 or higher. Circles, Polygons, Tranformational Geometry, Quadrilaterals, Slope and other functions.
Tangram HouseThis Chinese puzzle challenges students to create a shape using only 7 tans (shapes) to complete a puzzle. The tans can be rotated, flipped, and dragged into place.

Practice Sites

Algebra Practice
Function Machine


Virtual Middle School Science Library
Education World- A vast listing of websites with reviews of site. Categories for Earth Science, Life Science and others
Science Up Close- 6th Grade Science From Harcourt Books
NASA images- Images and short video clips describing a variety of topics.
Simple Science

Social Studies

All About Explorers-Explorers, Webquests, Treasure Hunts Oh My!!
Country Comparison Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book.
Country Comparison- BBC
Education World- Area Studies, Polical Science, Geography and Current Events
Regional Maps- Cental Intelligence Agency- World Fact Book
Timetoast- Create Captivating Timelines
World Flags- Central Intelligence Agency- World Fact Book
Social Studies and Technology- Article