1) How do you join a Protected or Private Wiki?
  • Sign in or create an account if needed
  • Select Join Wiki
  • Send request to join wiki as a member
  • Once the organizer accepts your request you will be notified via email
As a teacher if you accept students, you should only accept users whom you can identify. Students should not use their full name as an user.

2) How can students join my wiki?
Use the following protocol for student accounts at Lanier Middle School
  • Select the Join WIki Icon at the top right of the wiki page.
  • Establish a username and password
–Your username should be: your schedule including connection classes, last 4 digits of your student id, followed by your first and last initials
–i.e. 7th grader Nic Carroll would be ALMSBC3286nc (A connection,L- LA, M- MA, S- SS,B connection, C- SC, 3286- last 4 digits, nc- initials)
Password = Student Number
  • Respond to confirmation email to activate account

Accessing Google Calendars