Before your students begin any video project, they need to first set up a folder on their H:drive, Home Directory, labeled "Project name" Media. All components of the video need to be placed in this folder. This includes video clips, audio files, pictures, sound effects etc.


Working with Multiple Tracks:
1. Record the first track
2. To create additional tracks just stop recording current track and press record. An additional track will automatically be created.
3. To align the first two tracks, place your cursor under where the first tracks ends. You should have a blinking cursor on the second track at the end of the 1st track.
4. Select Project from the Menu.
5. Select Align Tracks > Align with Selection End.
6. If you need another track press record and repeat steps 3-5


When you have your file ready, export the file as a WAV. File > Export as a WAV. Browse to your Media folder on the
H:drive to complete the process.


Exporting Your Clips to Use in Movie Maker : 
1. Using the USB cable attach the Flip Camera to the computer
2. After software loads and clips load, select the clips you want to export using the mouse and the Control Button on the keyboard. Hold the Ctrl button down as you click on the specific clips you want.
3. Select Online from the icons in the Share section at the bottom of the Flip Software Window.
4. Select Other Websites from the next window. Then select Next, then select Next at the next window.
5. Your selected clips will now be exported to the desktop. Name your folder .
6. Once completed, click on Go. A browser window will open, when it does close it.
7. Find your folder on the Desktop inside you will find your clips in a .wmv file type that you can import into Movie Maker.


Spliting Clips in Window Movie Maker

  1. Place your clip (either audio or video) on the stage. Must be in timeline form.
  2. Press play to begin your clip, once you are at the location where you want to create the clip, press Pause. In the preview pane of the player you will see two icons. The first icon should be the one that will split the clip. Hover over the icon to make sure once verified, click it to make your first cut. Press play again and continue until you get to the location where you want the second cut to be. Press the split icon again to create your second cut. You should now have a "clip" of the media you are working with. You can continue this process as many times as you need to.