Projects from 2009-2010

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DIgital Literacy

Resources were gathered and placed on the Lanier Technology Wiki for further development with the Literacy Committee. The committee worked with collaboratively to devise a scope and sequence for implementaion into the Extended Learning Period during the second semester. Focus was centered on the NETS-S standard Digital Citizenship using web-based lessons.

Wiki Projects

My Book-

In two different 8th Grade Language Arts classes we created a faux Social Network Site that would allow students to create profile pages as a means to detail a literary character they read about. Students tied in many components of today's social networking sites to help give the visitor a deeper insight of the character as well as demonstrate their own understanding of what they read.

For the majority of students, this was their first time working with Wiki and time did need to be given to familiarize the students with the format and editing processes. However, once students understood the navigation of the page, their feedback indicated that they enjoyed the project very much.

Academically, the purpose of the project was to have students respond to an independent reading assignment. Each student chose his/her own book of fiction to read and was charged with the duty of creating a profile for a fictional character from the book for our faux social networking website. Students were given a rubric of minimum expectations for their page and could choose between using a template we provided or creating the outlay of their own page.

Social Georgians

An 8th grade Social Studies class created a similar project much like the My Book Project, but from a Social Studies perspective. Students worked in teams across classes to create their page from the perspective of a Historical Georgian. Pairs of students in each class were responsible for a specific component to create a full profile page for their figure.

Algebra Review-

Online Textbook-

Video Projects

Edgar Allen Poe

8th Grade Students used Digital Video to create a silent movie from an Edgar Allen Poe story. Students used storyboards to plan out their project, then began the process of solving the problem of how to portray attributes from the written word of the story and transfer it to the medium of video. Students were innovative in how they solved these problems with a budget of zero. Finally, students had to edit their video using Windows Movie Maker to create the final product.
Equipment used: Mini DV Camera and tapes, DV Deck (for tape transfer), Windows Movie Maker

Poetry Project

7th Grade Students used a Flip Camera to shoot a video that would depict the events of a specific poem. Using Storyboards, students collaboratively planned their strategy for the project. They then had to trade off specific job roles ( Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Actors) as the story allowed. Students had to understand more than the assignment, they also needed an understanding of how a network operates as they needed to be able to store their clips on a shared drive so that they could later import them back to a local machine to create their movie using the flip share software.