Needed Components

The items below need to be separate pages on your wiki for administrative purposes. The instructions for joining can be your home page if you choose.
Just copy and paste this information into your wiki.

Instructions for Joining
Steps for class wiki sign-up:
1) Select the Join Icon at the top right of this page.
2) Establish a username and password if you do not have a wikispaces account already.
- (If you already have a wikispaces account, simply selec the Join wiki in the margin (right or left) and click on Request Membership.)
–Your username should be: your schedule, last 4 digits of your student id, followed by your first and last initials
–i.e. Nic Carroll would be ALCMBS3286nc
(A= connection A, L= LA, C=SC, M = MA, B = Connection B, S= SS, 3286- last 4 digits, nc- initials) This is a change from last year so any student who has a login from last year needs change their ID.
Password = Student Number
3) Respond to confirmation email to activate account- Sent from Wikispaces- If you don't see this email check you trash or spam folders.
4) Once you get the confirmation email, click on the link inside the email to verify your account and you will return to the MyBook wiki
5) LAST STEP- In the left margin, you will see a link "Join This Wiki" Click on this link to send a request to your teacher for final verification. Once verified you can begin your project.

Need Help?

Click on the help link above to learn more

Guidelines for Participation

  • This is a school site. Students will be held accountable for what they contribute to this wiki. All county and school rules should be followed. Do not say/write/do anything within this wiki site that you would not say/write/do at school. This includes any pictures that could be deemed offensive to anyone who may view your page.
  • Site Environment. Treat this site as a place for learning, a place to learn from each other. No offensive language or comments should be entered on this wiki. When comments are asked for, make sure they are related to the project and fall within the guidelines set by your teacher.
  • Remember that you have a global audience. Everything you create can and will be viewed by others. You have been given an opportunity to create a resource that other students can learn from. Present yourself in the best possible light. Make sure you spell and grammar check your entries.
  • Personal Information. You should only use the login discussed on the homepage of this wiki while working on this site and project. Do not reveal personal information, such as last names, addresses, IM screen names or email address during the project.
  • Every page on this site is monitored by your teachers. We are excited about the project and know that you will exceed our expectations!
  • Problems. Please report any technical difficulties concerning the wiki to your teacher immediately.

Setting Up the Navigation Menu

Select the Edit Navigation Link under the navigation menu. Edit this page by selecting the Edit Button at the top of the page. You will see a widget that tells the wiki to list every page that is created in the navigation menu. You will want to remove this widget. Click on it and press delete.

See the LSTC for help in creating pages and links prior to your project starting

If you are planning to use your wiki for multiple projects, it is recommended that you set up your wiki so that the navigation is easy for anyone to follow. Typically there have been two ways this has evolved.

1) Create a page called Projects that will reside on the Navigation Menu
On this page you will create links to additional pages for each project

2) Create sections on the navigation Menu that correspond to each project

For either choice you will want to create specific pages that outline the project
  1. Project Description
  2. Grading Rubric
  3. Key Dates

Example with Project Page

mcelroy.jpg mcelroy_2.jpg

Example of Navigation Menu


Student Links

Students will need to either have their own web based portfolio (WBP) or they will need to create a page within your class wiki for their project.They will add links to their page for every project that you undertake. By clicking on these links the viewer will be taken to a specific page within the Wiki, or it could even go to the students own website (Web Based Portfolio) .

Adding Student Links To Teacher Wiki

Students will need to create a link from your class wiki to either their page within the class wiki or to their own Portfolio. In order to add a link students need to become a member of your class wiki. Student will click on the Join this Wiki link to begin the request process.
If the student is already has a Wikispace account they will simply select Request Membership. This will send you a notification and you will approve or reject the request.
If the student is new to wikispaces they will need to create an account for Wikispaces. As they do this they need to make sure they are Joining a wiki and not creating a wiki. See guidelines above about becoming a wikispace member. Once they have completed the application they can then join your wiki and will need to do so in order to add their link to your site.

Students can only add their links one at a time. If multiple students are editing at the same time there will be conflicts in how the wiki is saved and information will be lost.

When a student is ready to create a link from your class wiki, you will work with the student to ensure they are the only editor. They will select the EDIT button at the top of the page, then insert their cursor where they want the link to reside (It may be necessary to put the cursor at the end of the previous entry and then hit the enter button). Have the student type their user name (ALCMBS3286nc) then select the Link button from the editor.
They will then select either the External Link Tab and then paste their URL if they are linking to their WBP or they will keep the current selection and select their page from the drop down if it isn't already displayed. Then select Add Link.

The page should now have a blue hyper link that shows the student user id as the link.