Lanier Technology Posse'

A group of teachers who are not afraid to "Be Brave" and exhibit "Fearless Curiosity" in there pursuit of integrating technology in their classrooms.


Was it a success
What changes would you make?
Collaborate on writing a Summary of an online article

Edit or revise a piece collaoboratively

Create a webquest about earthqueakes and plate tetonics where students view simulations to see how plates actually look and move.
Students got a chance to use the computer and internet in order to view plate tetonics

Yes and no. I will look for other websites to enhance the webquest in the future

I used the wireless cart and put students into gropus. They created their own review games using templates of actual gameshows. They could also use powerpoint or other programs to create their games.
The students are reviewing and ising technology a the same time.
Not enough time to finsh the games.
Yes, I will do this again in the near future.

Topics of Interest

Zoho writer.