Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? In its simplest form it is one's ability to Increase Capacity or Capabilities without changing or investing in additional infrastructure. All of the resources below would be considered to be apart of the "Cloud". More on the definintion of Cloud Computing


Wikis, Blogs, Google docs comparison chart

Using Wikis at Lanier

The following information assumes you have already requested and set up an Educator Wiki Account with If you have not, please see the LSTC for assistance.
Setup- It is recommended that you set your Wiki up as Protected for a short period of time so that students can request to become a member. After that period of time passes, you will want to change the setting back to Private so that no information actually goes out to the public web until you have approved the material. See LSTC for changing these settings if you need assistace.
Once the project is complete, and the material has been approved, you can change it back to Protected. This will allow anyone to view your material. You will also want to Lock the pages so that your students can not make any changes to their page or anyone else's after the project is complete as you will not be checking on it as often.

Using a Template- To create a template, Select Manage Wiki > Templates. Name your template and then create a layout that fits your needs for your project by selecting Edit, then insert a table from the editor. Save the template. Once you have done this, your student will be able to choose a blank page or your template when they create a new page for their project.

Students- Getting Them Started
  • Have your students login to your wikispaces URL
  • If they do not have a wikispaces account have them select Join from the top menu, if they already have a wikispaces accout go to step 5 in the steps for class wiki sign up.
  • Students will need to create a user name an password as described below. This inormation should be posted on your home page of your wiki for student reference. They will also need access to an email address to verify their account. If you have a student who does not have an email account you can have another student who has multiple email accounts use one as a secondary email account for this verification process. They will just need to login to the email account to verify the wiki account for that studnet(s).

Instructions for Joining a Wiki at LMS

Steps for class wiki sign-up:
    • 1) Select the Join Icon at the top right of this page.
    • 2)Your username should be: your schedule, last 4 digits of your student id, followed by your first and last initials
    • –i.e. Nic Carroll would be LCMS3286nc (, L= LA, C=SC, M = MA, S= SS, 3286- last 4 digits, nc- initials)
    • Password = Student Number
    • 3) Respond to confirmation email to activate account- Sent from Wikispaces- If you don't see this email check you trash or spam folders.
    • 4) Once you get the confirmation email, click on the link inside the email to verify your account and you will return to the MyBook wiki
    • 5) LAST STEP- In the left margin,of the wiki, you will see a link "Join This Wiki" Click on this link to send a request to your teacher for final verification. Once verified you can begin your project.

Where do I get one? Try thses sites:

  1. Wikispaces
- Currently giving away free educator accounts that are free of ads.
  1. Wikidot
  2. Wetpaint
- Free account contains ads


Where do I get one?
Try these sites:
  1. Wordpress
  2. Edublogs- Pay
  3. 21classes
  4. Blogger
  5. Typepad
  6. Moveable Type

Website Creators

Weebly - Free drag and drop platform, no technical skills required. Many themes to choose from
Google Sites - Requires a free google account. No technical skills required.

Social Bookmarking Have access to all your bookmarks on any computer by storing them in a cloud at
DiigoCollect, Highlight and Remember why you bookmarked the site.

Worthwhile Wikis and Blogs- Examples

Classroom Tech Wikis with great resources

Bump on the Blog- A Blog site with great resources
Strategies for Using Wikis Tips for using wikis in education and the learning process
Digi Teen Digital Citizenship for Teens
Flat Planet Project- Student Driven wiki on environmental issues
My Book- our own student driven wiki that creates a pseudo social network for literary characters.

Sharing and Collaborative Projects

Classroon 2.0

Screen Capturing Tool

Jing Record video of onscreen action. Free!!